HEVETOL is redefining the future of aviation as an advanced electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft. It is powered by an exceptional hybrid powertrain that blends a proprietary Combustion Stirling Linear Generator (CSLG) with a supplementary battery system.
The Hevetol’s pioneering efficiency can be attributed to the CSLG that uses eco-friendly fuels ammonia and hydrogen. This unique bi-fuel solution echoes our commitment to environmental sustainability through its zero-emission output.

The Hevetol’s Powertrain solution sets a new standard in performance, efficiency, and extended range firmly positioning it as the solution for a broad range of aviation needs.

The Hevetol 12-12 excels in its outstanding market adaptability, offering practical solutions to the real-world challenges of modern aviation. At the forefront, the use of ammonia as a fuel, requiring no significant modification to existing conventional fuel infrastructures, makes it a remarkably accessible solution, minimizing costs and accelerating its market integration.
The Hevetol’s flexibility also extends to future fuel advancements. As hydrogen fuel infrastructures continue to develop and become more widespread, the Hevetol, compatible with hydrogen, is primed and ready to adapt to this emerging energy solution.
This impressive versatility positions the Hevetol as not just a trailblazing eVTOL aircraft developer, but also a practical and future-ready solution, facilitating a smooth transition for all potential adopters, regardless of their size or maturity.

In addition to the exceptional solutions of the Hevetol, we are further expanding the reach of our sustainable technology. The CSLG-based powertrain, a cornerstone of the Hevetol, isn’t restricted to our aircraft only. We’re committed to promoting broader adoption of this environmentally responsible technology across the aviation industry.

Regardless of their size or maturity, interested industry participants can access our proprietary powertrain technology through various forms of cooperation, including licensing agreements. This approach ensures that every organization willing to contribute to the sustainable aviation journey can leverage the innovative and efficient solution that our CSLG-based powertrain offers.